• The Business Intelligence Cookbook


    BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE COOKBOOK brings together in one book, concepts, tips and principles any entrepreneur at any level or scale can utilize to build innovative and sustainable businesses. In this book, we explore 5 major sub topics:

    • Rules of Innovation – How to activate your inner eye to see and leverage difference to excel.

    . Purpose of innovation include: To make profit,  Gain market share,  Guarantee business longevity

    • Rules of work – Develop the right ethics to produce the results you desire. .

    Five senior management and executive level in Multinational companies professionals from Nigeria and Europe share their top 3 to 5 tips on work that produces results

  • Farming by Revelation


    Farming by relation is your opportunity to understand the time-tested principles and strategies adopted by our founding fathers.

    This book exposes the hidden truths will help us increase productivity and escape industry barriers. It is for new entrants, professionals scaling their Projects, or investors looking to turn losses to profits

  • How To Earn A Fee From What You Do For Free!


    Do You Ever Wish You Could Earn Money From Your Talent? You’re so skilled at what you do. Talented but broke. Gifted but stranded. Highly skilled yet beggarly. Wise but poor.

    People marvel at the ease with which you sing, tell stories & jokes, write, speak, cook, network, paint, manage people, teach and lots more… But while the world feeds fat from your talent, you’re sinking in bills. You promise yourself that, maybe, you’ll land your dream job or stumble on luck one day. Hope is good! Except that, you’ve been saying that for 2…3…4…5 years now.

    That day has not come! But your house rent, utility bills, data sub and—if you have kids— school fees have come. Enough!

  • 101 Ways to Boost Your Income


    The best way to predict the future is to create it – Peter Drucker Finances are the main source of worry for every adult- some are just more gifted at masking their apprehension than others. Maybe there’s an inheritance, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow where every desire can be met with no worries in the world. Then again- probably not. Most of us have gotten stuck in a rut – we earn an income, save (if were good), buy a few nice things and wait on the next paycheck and bury our dreams deep within never to resurface. We seem fine on the outside but we all know we are made for more than to be born, pay bills and die. . 101 Ways to Boost Your Income is a cheat sheet for anyone who desires to live a wholesome life doing what we’re genuinely gifted in either full time or on the side. Regardless of your background, risk appetite or skillset, there’s something for everyone who wants to explore their options without necessarily leaving their major career. It’s the start of a culture of trying out new things, putting our skills to the test and failing forward – the culture of creating a future you desire regardless of the obstacles! Remember that bills don’t die, they multiply – this book gives you 101 ways to stay ahead of the curve.

  • How To Bring Your Customers Back


    This magical manual is one of the best you will see out there. It is created to make transferable knowledge available to business owners and to those who aspire to become one, acquitting them with requisite skills on how to retain customers and clients.

    Today, attention is shifting to the “business world” and the major concern of business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs is how to keep their business running by not losing their customers to the raging competition. Customers are the backbone of any thriving business and as such, it is important to retain them for the sustainability and continuity of such business.

    In this book, the author lucidly and elaborately defines the steps and presents the models on how you can maximize your business advantage and conquer the fear of losing your customers to the competition. This book is filled with powerful, yet, simplified nuggets on how to bring your customers back.

    This piece of gold shouldn’t be owned only by business persons, but also by companies, corporations and agencies to empower their employees with this magical customer retention manual.

  • Accessing Grants For Startups


    Ifedayo Durosinmi – Etti is a marketing and sustainability expert with over 10 years of management and leadership experience working in the fashion, marketing and manufacturing industries. She holds a first degree in Biochemistry and an MBA in Global Business. With her passion for women and children, she launched Parliamo Bambini and Philos and Zoe, startups disrupting the baby and child industry through locally manufactured furniture and clothing for children with the aim of reducing poverty, empowering our youth and promoting access to quality education in Nigeria and Africa.

    Since the launch of her businesses, she has received several awards and has been able to take advantage of several business opportunities such as grants, business accelerators and Fellowships which have helped position her brands to become household names in Nigeria. She is currently one of the Alumni Hub Leads for the South West region of Nigeria under the Tony Elumelu Foundation. She was also selected as a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum where she is the Project Lead for Startup Dome, a project launched to bridge the gender gap through socio economic empowerment of women in Nigeria. In March 2018, she was invited to Harvard University to serve as a panelist during their African Development Conference to share her depth of knowledge on the role of women in democracy and how it impacts on business in Africa.

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