• What Flo Eats 2

    Following on from the success of What Flo Eats, a baby weaning book, the new and exciting second edition – What Flo Eats II – is perfect for parents of toddlers! This how-to book will have a total of 50 recipes featuring lots of healthy meals for your toddler to helping them grow strong and aid their development at this crucial stage of life. Flo Eats II will cover recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as everything in between, with a healthy and palatable snack and dessert options for your growing tot.


    Each recipe has been carefully crafted from personal experience as well as trial and error, so contains options that appeal to young children’s varying tastes. By offering a diverse menu of easy-to-make and healthy meals, you can rest assured that your little one will benefit from a varied, tried, and tested diet.

    What Flo Eats 2


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