• A Degree Is Not Enough

    A Degree is not Enough speaks about the flaws on the educational system and what can be done to to empower graduates to gain control of their financial and social lives.

  • Olori Supergal: From Social Misfit to Social Media Hero

    Oluwatosin ‘Olori Supergal’ Ajibade is one of the most respected and credible voices in new media today. Early on, she recognised the power of social media in information dissemination and the shaping of narratives. This understanding led her to organise the annual New Media Conference, which brings together the most forward thinking practitioners with a view to expand the frontiers of new media practice in Africa.

  • Voices

    Tasha’s world crumbles. She reaches hard rock bottom and the only way to rise, is to listen with her heart.

    Four days before her 14th birthday party, fun loving Tasha is devastated with the unexplained loss of her doting mother, Nektar.

    Devin, her Dad, now has complete control over her life and begins to reveal his darker side. He demands her total obedience, with the promise of future power and domination.

    Tasha wants to please him but suspects that there is more to Devin’s bizarre commands than meets the eye.

    And then one day on her way to school, Tasha meets Josh, an intriguing master of words. He offers her friendship, but also conditioned on her unflinching submission; this time with a promise of freedom.

    Josh and Devin, two compelling voices, demanding her allegiance. The pressure of having to choose becomes unbearable, and now Tasha just wishes she could be her mummy’s baby again.

    Tasha goes through loss, pain, isolation, torture; and a journey into unimaginable worlds, before she finally finds the answers her soul truly craves.


  • We All Need Healing

    ‘WE ALL NEED HEALING’ IS A GENIAL COLLECTION OF WARM AND EMOTIONAL POEMS on Life, Love, Hope and the struggles in between. This collection is a poet’s attempt to show that we can all heal together. Agu, through finely crafted verses, shows that each of us can help someone Heal by showing Love and giving them Hope in our own way, regardless of who we are, our tribe, status, or beliefs. Indeed, We All Need Healing!

    We All Need Healing

  • Wake Me When I’m Gone

    Everyone says that Ese is the most beautiful woman in the region, but a fool. A young widow, she lives in a village, where the crops grow tall and the people are ruled over by a Chief on a white horse. She married for love, but now her husband is dead, leaving her with nothing but a market stall and a young son to feed.

    When the Chief knocks on Ese’s door demanding that she marry again, as the laws of the land dictate she must, Ese is a fool once more. There is a high price for breaking the law, and an even greater cost for breaking the heart of a Chief. Ese will face the wrath of gods and men in the fight to preserve her heart, to keep her son and to right centuries of wrongs. She will change the lives of many on the road to freedom, and she will face the greatest pain a mother ever can.

    ‘Wake Me When I’m Gone’ is a story of curses broken, and lives remade, of great tragedy and incredible rebirth. In this, his second novel, Nigerian writer Odafe Atogun unfolds a world rich with tradition and folklore, a world filled with incredible people of remarkable strength, a world that is changing fast.

  • Strictly Speaking (An oral guide for schools and colleges)

    This book is a simplified do-it-yourself learning kit for secondary school students who wish to excel
    in oral English assessment. Its information not only prepare readers for oral English examinations such
    as WAEC and NECO, but this rich material with its accompanying audio disc, also accords readers the benefit
    of getting practical exposure to intelligible pronunciation of English sounds, syllables, words and sentences. Through its
    step-by-step approach, the chapters on pronunciation, vowels, consonants, intonations, stress and English expressions
    explore all core aspects of oral English, positioning readers to learn and retain the sounds of English.
  • Understanding Faith

    Faith is the only guarantee of victory; it will overcome every challenge in any area of life- family, health, workplace etc.
    Any believer who is not living by faith will begin to malfunction because that is the only mode we are designed to be or live in.
    With your faith in active engagement, every current problem is racing towards its expiration.
    Come along on a journey of discoveries…
    It’s time to begin to walk in the fullness of all that’s yours by covenant because it’s your inheritance!

    Understanding Faith

  • Accessing Grants For Startups

    Ifedayo Durosinmi – Etti is a marketing and sustainability expert with over 10 years of management and leadership experience working in the fashion, marketing and manufacturing industries. She holds a first degree in Biochemistry and an MBA in Global Business. With her passion for women and children, she launched Parliamo Bambini and Philos and Zoe, startups disrupting the baby and child industry through locally manufactured furniture and clothing for children with the aim of reducing poverty, empowering our youth and promoting access to quality education in Nigeria and Africa.

    Since the launch of her businesses, she has received several awards and has been able to take advantage of several business opportunities such as grants, business accelerators and Fellowships which have helped position her brands to become household names in Nigeria. She is currently one of the Alumni Hub Leads for the South West region of Nigeria under the Tony Elumelu Foundation. She was also selected as a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum where she is the Project Lead for Startup Dome, a project launched to bridge the gender gap through socio economic empowerment of women in Nigeria. In March 2018, she was invited to Harvard University to serve as a panelist during their African Development Conference to share her depth of knowledge on the role of women in democracy and how it impacts on business in Africa.

  • Twirling In The Flames: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

    Twirling in the Flames is a collection of poetry and prose about individuals living through the human experiences of love, discomfort and tragedy. The collection takes an unapologetic look at the reality that the human condition is nothing if not an emotional journey, and explores the power of love, and what it does to those who stumble into its grip.

    The pieces in this literary debut are choreographed to share the profundity of everyone’s dance through the fire that life invariably puts in our paths, and to remind us all that we are more fireproof than we think.

  • To My Younger Self

    To My Younger Self is a collection of inspiring letters and stories from business leaders and top professionals in Nigeria, sharing their lessons in business, career and family. Some of the contributors include Ibukun Awosika, Gbengba Oyebode, Betty Irabor, Nike Ogunlesi, Kunle Elebute, amongst others.

    To My Younger Self

  • What Lies Beneath Adorable

    What Lies Beneath Adorable? is an experiential write up on twin boys and also a guide for raising twin children in particular from zero to three years. Ololade Kassim focuses on how her journey to becoming a twin mum started and how she managed her twins from pregnancy till their toddler years.

    She also shares her experience on different aspects of child-care: breast feeding, bathing, dressing up, sterilizing feeding bottles, putting the twins to sleep and much more as well as some tips on how to raise them.

    Her experience, tips, lessons learnt and testimonies shared in this book will be useful for singles, mums-to-be, new mums with singletons, mums with twin children and any other interested reader.

  • Kasali’s Africa

    Kasali Adebayor, a prominent farmer in the city of Akure, a husband of five wives, fancies himself as an activist for good governance while wielding the big stick of patriarchy over his family members. In the fast changing African political landscape Kasali’s family comes under the spotlight; an exposure which – initially appealing and addictive – threatens everything he holds dear and secret. Kasali’s daughter who has been a secret rebel in her father’s Akure enclave visits her aunt in Monrovia, gets drunk on her freedom, and is soon caught in the web of violence that engulfs Liberia’s Glay presidency. Kasali Adebayor, weak against the subtle feminism-inspired request of his of beloved wife Mojisola, ends in a dead end that brings out the worst in him, and begins the end of Kasali’s Africa

    Kasali’s Africa

  • An African Elegy

    Dreams are the currency of Okri’s writing, particularly in this first book of poems, An African Elegy, but also in his books of short stories and prize-winning novel The Famished Road. Okri’s dreams are made on the stuff of Africa’s colossal economic and political problems, and reading the poems is to experience a constant succession of metaphors of resolution in both senses of the word. Virtually every poem contains an exhortation to climb out of the African miasma, and virtually every poem harvests the dream of itself with an upbeat restorative ending’ – Giles Foden, Times Literary Supplement

    An African Elegy

  • Songs Of Enchantment

    Myth and naturalism are combined in the story of Azaro, the spirit-child who lives in an impoverished African village, and the upheavals that he and his family face

  • Star of the New Curfew

    Okri’s world resembles Eliot’s in that it is less a physical than a spiritual state, less a landscape than a soulscape, bleaker in fact than the one found in The Waste Land where there is at least the promise of rain, of hope. In Stars of the New Curfew, horror leads not to hope but to anguish as Okri’s simple-sounding, artfully paratactical sentences first turn into fable and fairy tale, then transmogrify into nightmare. His stories of life without appeal take place against a backdrop of war, rape, and “stupefying heat.” It is not only a world in which, as in Soyinka and Achebe, the modern and the primitive exist side by side; it is a world of fantastic transformations, of skyscrapers sprouting in rural villages, of unending unnavigable marketplaces, of money made more desirable because stored in refrigerators, of rivers literally jammed with swollen, stinking corpses. Okri’s imagination, at once fecund and suppurating, competes with and eventually overcomes a world in which the only constraints appear to be the tyrannical abuses and betrayals of the powerful and the abject terror and desperation of the powerless.

  • The Remains of the Day

    This is Kazuo Ishiguro’s profoundly compelling portrait of Stevens, the perfect butler, and of his fading, insular world in post-World War II England. Stevens, at the end of three decades of service at Darlington Hall, spending a day on a country drive, embarks as well on a journey through the past in an effort to reassure himself that he has served humanity by serving the “great gentleman,” Lord Darlington. But lurking in his memory are doubts about the true nature of Lord Darlington’s “greatness,” and much graver doubts about the nature of his own life.

  • Investment Clubs- How to create wealth beyond your paycheque by investing with others

    This book is not just a book. It is a road-map to a preferred destination. It provides clarity on how to get your finances in order and get started investing. It is a timely guide on how to break average from living from pay cheque to paycheque and make bigger money moves.

    If you need a step by step guide on how best to start, manage and grow an investment club in Africa, you’ll find well thought out and practical answers in this book based on real life stories of those who broke average and invested with others. These real life stories were researched and compiled from multiple countries around the world.

  • Serve Them Right

    Serve them Right: Make a Difference with Customer Interactions is an expertly written customer experience handy guide and manual for businesses serious about developing their capacity and growing their customer base. It is also recommended reading for young professionals in the service industry who want to blaze a trail and go that extra mile to be leaders and changemakers in their field.

    Serve them Right employs various techniques to drive home its point, combining real-life scenarios, examples, lessons, and humour. It underpins the necessity for a healthy service industry in a country whose economic growth depends upon it and lays down the blueprint for achieving this feat.

    Mosun Shasore writes with clarity, deep knowledge and experience of customer service, she covers the many facets of this industry in broad strokes and in great detail. This book will deservedly be looked upon as seminal material for all customer experience managers and practitioners.

    Serve Them Right

  • Unlocking Your Global Relevance

    Life was designed to be lived with a sense of purpose which demands that we make unique and significant contributions to our world by deploying all the vast treasures and resources God has entrusted us with. Unfortunately, most people go through life too busy trying to get things out of life that they have little or no time to give back to life.
    Unlocking Your Global Relevance is specifically designed to help you break out of this mould so you can step into the future that God has already prepared for you by deploying your inherent potentials for maximum impact on earth.
    In the pages of this book, I have posed twenty (20) questions which, if answered objectively, will challenge your current paradigms and unlock the world of treasures within you, setting you on your way to global relevance. The approach is simple: Examining the lives of some distinguished individuals who have made or are currently making significant impact in our world and from their stories, crystallize questions deliberately designed to spark deep introspection for radical change.
    I am fully persuaded that each one of us possesses uncommon treasures within us which if discovered, developed and deployed, have the capacity to change our world forever. And as you will discover, every individual is globally significant but each one of us must take personal responsibility for becoming globally relevant.
    It is my hope that reading this book, among other things, will achieve one goal: “To cause a shift in perspectives that will mark the beginning of an impactful life”. Don’t just read it, live it and teach the principles to others!

  • The Passport of Mallam Ilia

    Published in 1960, twelve years after it was written, the Passport of Mallam Ilia appeals to young readers. It is a story of Mallam Ilia who spent a greater part of his life seeking revenge for wrong done to him by one Usman. Though he was able to avenge the wrong done to him, it came at a very high price. This novel explores themes of trust, betrayal and revenge.

    The Passport of Mallam Ilia is an important classic for both young and old.

  • April Laugh Food 365 Day Food Journal

    This food journal is your secret weapon to staying on track to meet your weight loss goals and achieving amazing results on your journey. Maybe you’re looking to slim down for a special event, wedding, or you just want to live a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps you already eat well and exercise, but your diet could use a little boost! Whatever you are looking to achieve, April Laugh expertly created food journal will give you a daily support tool, equipping you with the skills you will need in order to reach your weight loss and lifestyle goals.

    April Laugh Food 365 Day Food Journal

  • The Sky Sage

    In the process of Zoowee earning the title of D’uzo, he is visited by a powerful spirit, and his encounter with the deity leaves him with supernatural abilities, making him one of four powerful sages.
    Zoowee and other sages are now called upon to keep the world from falling apart, only this time, their interests are not all aligned.


    The Sky Sage

  • Concubines And Power: Five Hundred Years in a Northern Nigerian Palace (Paperback)

    The monumental palace of Kano, Nigeria, was built circa 1500 and is today inhabited by more than one thousand persons. Historically, its secluded interior housed hundreds of concubines whose role in the politics, economics, and culture of Kano city-state has been largely overlooked. In this pioneering work, Heidi J. Nast demonstrates how human-geographical methods can tell us much about a site like the palace, a place bereft of archaeological work or relevant primary sources. Drawing on extensive ethnographic work and mapping data, “Concubines and Power presents new evidence that palace concubines controlled the production of indigo-dyed cloth centuries before men did.

  • New Jim Crow (Paperback)

    In a bold and innovative argument, a rising legal star shows readers how the mass incarceration of a disproportionate number of black men amounts to a devastating system of racial control. This is a terrifying reality that exists in the UK as much as in the US. Despite the triumphant dismantling of the Jim Crow laws, the system that once forced African-Americans into a segregated second-class citizenship still haunts. The US criminal justice system still unfairly targets black men and deprives an entire segment of the population of their basic rights.

  • Against All Odds: Transforming African Agriculture

    This book is about the journey of Dr. Akinwumi Adesina and his mission to end poverty in Africa. Growing out of poverty and witnessing hardships of being poor, he set his life mission as giving hope to millions of the poor in rural Africa. A globally respected economist with decades of experience working in some of the worlds’ leading organizations including the Rockefeller Foundation and global agricultural research centers, Dr. Adesina’s work and passion continues to guide and shape global efforts on transforming Africa’s agriculture to create wealth for its farmers. As Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture, he led bold reforms that cut out corruption and helped to lift over 15 million farmers out of poverty within four years. Awarded the World Food Prize in 2017 for his work, Dr. Adesina is relentless and selfless, donating his $250,000 prize to support Africa’s youth to become global hunger fighters. As President of the African Development Bank – Africa’s premier development finance institution – Dr. Adesina is driving the Bank’s $25 billion investment to help Africa turn agriculture into wealth and achieve food security. The book is a palpable story of this man’s determination to help Africa feed itself, Against All Odds, following the footpath of his mentor, Dr. Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, the man who fed the world.

  • When I grow up, I want to be a…Choosing a career you love and enjoy

    This 5-Chaptered Masterpiece is a must read for every young person that needs direction on what career path to follow. JUDGE THIS BOOK BY THE COVER AND YOU’LD BE GLAD YOU DID!

  • Calabar Love Potions Revealed

    ‘Calabar Love Potions’ Revealed! is a documentation of the rich variety of meals from the staples of the Efiks and Ibibios of Nigeria. Idy attempts to demystify the myths surrounding these meals as ‘love potions’, and in some cases ends up affirming them to be so! It is also an effort aimed at preventing certain meals from becoming extinct because people hardly prepare them, especially those that are time consuming and involve a lot of processes in their preparations. Finally, it is a documentation of an extremely rich food culture which has been long overdue.

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