• The Orishirishi Cookbook

    This cookbook provides insight into Nigerian food and its abundant history for people all over the world. From the delicious assorted native soup of the South-South Region to the distinct taste of afang soup by the Efik-Ibibios or the unmatched textures and flavors of gbegiri and ewedu from the South-West, this is a celebration of premium culinary experiences from around Nigeria. Here, I share important stories about our culture, not just with words, but with images to guide you through each process from sourcing ingredients to serving the finished meal.

  • Be A Unique Chef: Smoothit & Snackit Like a Pro

    This book aims to orientate the general public on how to incorporate healthier ingredients in their Culinary Choices.

    It divulges ways to get amazing and natural flavors from fruits, nuts and veggies, while promoting a healthy well-being to help improve overall quality of life.

    It also provides step by step guides for products development and Business management.

  • April Laugh Food 365 Day Food Journal

    This food journal is your secret weapon to staying on track to meet your weight loss goals and achieving amazing results on your journey. Maybe you’re looking to slim down for a special event, wedding, or you just want to live a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps you already eat well and exercise, but your diet could use a little boost! Whatever you are looking to achieve, April Laugh expertly created food journal will give you a daily support tool, equipping you with the skills you will need in order to reach your weight loss and lifestyle goals.

    April Laugh Food 365 Day Food Journal


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