My Body Itches…

“We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves” - Rochefoucauld

One moment, I’m overcritical about my diet.

Other times, I’m like, Fuck it! You don’t come by a culinary potpourri of this kind, every time. (I mean, I’m at Four Point By Sheraton for this Leading Ladies Event and we are greeted with a buffet for Brunch. What would you rather have me do, Ehnn?)

Another time, I’m not taking a pass on this Nutritional Facts!; they are lifesavers.

This time, I’m keenly engrossed in a Jaden Smith’s board on my Pinterest Wall, at the same time, chiding myself for being rather unfortunate. He is just 19 and he has it all “Worked Out”.

By Dawn, I’m strictly observing this exercise regimen.

It goes on, intermittently, for few weeks, then simmers down!

Now, I’m looking into the mirror, resenting the budding flabs of flesh jostling for Space on my Face.

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